Watch Repair & Maintenance

We have been involved in the worldwide retail of pre-owned watches since 2010, during this time we have built some good working relationships with trade professionals and watchmakers.

  • We use a local workshop to fit links, change batteries and remove scratches – bringing steel watches back to life.
  • We have access to a very experienced highly competent watchmaker who specialises in the repair & service of vintage timepieces.

Vintage Watch Repair Harrogate

  • We have a trade account with an Omega certified service centre and can refurbish and service modern luxury Swiss Watches.
    Omega Service Harrogate
  • Times and prices vary depending on the work required.

We use our contacts to ready our own stock for sale, however if you have a timepiece you would like to service – we are happy to obtain a quote for you.

Here is a testimonial from a customer, we were happy to help him and provide an affordable solution : 

“My step-father’s last wish in 2004 was that I wore the Omega automatic watch that he had chosen to keep locked away and unworn when he was alive.
The watch’s sentimental appeal to me was its appearance – the gold casing and gold mesh strap, but it also needed to work as a timepiece if I was to continue wearing it.After numerous, costly failed attempts to get the watch to work for an extended period by various reputable establishments over the last three years, Ian’s watch repairer was able to fit it with a new movement, for a very reasonable charge.
Many thanks to both Ian and his watch repairer for all their efforts and patience, which has enabled me to resume wearing and enjoying it as a functioning watch.”
Philip Hayward, Pannal. May 2016