OMEGA Seamaster History

OMEGA Seamaster 120M Quartz Vintage Retro Watch RARE Original Jacques Mayol 1337

OMEGA Seamaster History

A history of Omega Seamaster watches from Retro Watches Harrogate.

The OMEGA Seamaster model, famously known for being James Bond’s weapon of choice for the wrist – first made its debut in 1948 to commemorate 100 years of Omega.

The company incorporated the name Omega in 1903, but was originally founded in 1848 as La Generale Watch Co.

100 years later the Seamaster made its debut. It was well received and quickly became the brands best selling model.

By 1948, Omega was already a well respected manufacturer of Divers watches, already worn on the wrists of several famous divers in the 1930’s, the Seamaster’s release embellished this reputation.

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Here are the Omega serial numbers taken from several respected watch sources :

OMEGA Serial Numbers