– To guarantee the smooth running of the watch movement, on retail purchases.

What we cover :

– The operation of your pre-owned watch, for 12 months guaranteed.
– The warranty covers manufacturing and mechanical defects only
– This is an in-house warranty. (In addition to any existing manufacturer warranty.*
*If the watch is less than two years old it may still be covered by the manufacturer.)
– Our in-house warranty is substantiated by our experienced accredited watchmakers and repair company – who are officially certified by Omega.

What is not covered :

In line with all existing watch brands our warranty does not cover the physical condition of the watch or accidental damage, as this is the responsibility of the owner.
Damage to the watch case, glass, bezel, crown, or band is not covered.

Damage to the movement from excessive wear and tear or mis-use (such as firing a shot gun at clay pigeons whilst wearing the watch) is not covered.

Watches covered by our warranty:

Watches that are purchased at a set / agreed ‘Retail’ price.
The warranty is effective from the date payment is made in full.

Watches that our 12 month warranty does not apply to :

– Vintage watches older than 20 years – we guarantee they are running and keeping time to ‘Vintage Parameters’ at point of sale
( Vintage watches can not be expected to keep the same accuracy as modern co-axial movements for example but we ensure they are running well before we advertise them.)
– Fashion watches below £50 purchased from our cabinets.
– Watches sold at auction ie. eBay auctions with no set reserve price
– Watches sold-as-seen to other trade partners at trade prices